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My World of Real Estate

I am a serious real estate investor involved in residential re-development. This passion began over twenty five years ago in upstate New York when my Wife and I purchased a thirteen unit, abandoned Catskill bungalow colony. We single-handedly transformed each unit into totally renovated "year round" rentals. This mission was a true educational life experience! We have plenty of war stories and scars to prove it.

In Florida, my current home State, I am licensed real estate Broker. This extensive legal knowledge of the real estate business, I found, to be very highly valuable to the success of my real estate ventures and goals. To those interested in getting licensed in the State of Florida, I have put together a web site where you can take practice tests to become a Florida real estate agent and/or broker. That site is www.MyFloridaRealEstateReview.com where the questions are based on past State exams as well as numerous training manuals. I found it best to be VERY prepared when attempting to pass the Florida state exams.

The real estate world is exciting and full of ups and downs or good and bad purchases. I specialize in the buying and selling of "distressed" or bank-owned (REO's) properties. These are certainly the best "bargains". They do require the most due diligence as far as creating a financial success. I have written and published a number of articles on the subject of Flipping Houses and the art of investment property appraisal. Additionally, I have put together a primer or step-by-step guide manual that can be used to enter into the world of Simple Real Estate Profits. In a nutshell, my strongest advice would be to find a balance of "buying and flipping" and "buying and holding" or the metodology of "money today vs. money tomorrow".

Finally, I would have to credit my many, many coaches and teachers whom I met and studied with in countless classes, seminars and training sessions. After all, the world of real estate is very complex and ever changing. It is necessary to stay current and educated in order to stay financially and emotionally ahead in this business.

Currently, my rental bussiness (short term / corporate housing and long term yearly-based single family homes) can be found at www.WhiteCollarRentals.com and www.USSublets.com. My wholesale homes and flipping properties (ever changing) can be found at www.TotallyRehabbedHomes.com.

Networking, education and experience are the keys to making the world of real estate a successful venture.

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