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My World of Data Processing

Ever since I was a very young boy, actually since the third grade, I was totally mezmerized and involved with the world of music. I started studying and playing trumpet in the third grade of junior high school. This is all I ever wanted to do or be - a musician. Life was complete and perfect.

After graduating high school, I attended the Juilliard School of Music where there are only ever fourteen student trumpet players at any time. I studied with William Vacchiano and Mel Broiles. After graduating and years later, I lived and played six nights a week in the New York Catskills and again, life was complete and perfect.

I was involved in a horrible accident and unable to get around and during recovery, discovered the world of data processing at a local community college. Having only studied music and all related facets, I was totally amazed to begin to learn about physics, calculus, and the fascinating universe of data processing. Eventully, I taught many programming courses and data design couses for that college.

One day I got a phone call from one of my graduated students who had become a "head hunter" or placement agent. He had found me a job writing and designing point of sale and inventory control code for the Mercantile Stores - a large department store chain headquartered in New York City.

Database design and data manipulation was most amazing world I had ever encountered. Designing solutions for optimized data processing was the area I was meant to be in. For a number of years, when "client / server" or the beginnings of "distributed processing" was entering into the business world, I wrote a number of "hands on labs" and lectured all over the world, with many trips to Hong Kong and the major industries in the U.S., speaking, demonstrating, teaching, and implementing data design and optimized data processing.

I now do database design/architecture, optimization, and system migration on a contract basis and, I have to say . . . life is complete and perfect.

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